Welcome to Pirt’s documentation!

Pirt is the “Python image registration toolkit”. It is a library for (elastic, i.e. non-regid) image registration of 2D and 3D images with support for groupwise registration. It has support to constrain the deformations to be “diffeomorphic”, i.e. without folding or shearing, and thus invertable.

Pirt is written in pure Python and uses Numba for speed. It depends on Numpy, Scipy, Numba. It has an optional dependency on Visvis for visualization.

Pirt implements its own interpolation functions, which, incidentally, are faster than the corresponding functions in scipy and scikit-image (after Numba’s JIT warmup).

The functionality inside Pirt is implemented over a series of submodules, but (almost) all functions and classes are available in the main namespace.

The code lives on Bitbucket. Also check out the examples or the docs.

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